Source: Daily Record
Date: 22 March 2007


By Arnot Mcwhinnie
A PSYCHIC healer was jailed for four and a half years yesterday for dealing cocaine, ecstasy and speed.

Brian McTaggart, 56, said he could cure the sick by touching them. He also claimed to be an exorcist.

The self-styled psychic worked for years as a runner for a drug cartel, delivering to 20 dealers three times a week.

He admitted to police that he was paid £300 a week for his role in the operation.

McTaggart, of Mill Place, Carfin, Lanarkshire, was caught last May with nearly £40,000 worth of cocaine and smaller amounts of speed and ecstasy. He also had lists of previous drug transactions, dating back years and understood to be worth a total of £22 million.

McTaggart pleaded guilty to three charges of dealing. Three of the pushers he supplied were in the dock with him at the High Court in Glasgow.

Elizabeth Sinclair, 24, of Larbert, Stirlingshire, got three years after admitting three charges involving speed, ecstasy and cocaine.

Alex Morgan, 37, of Stenhousemuir, and Derek Walton, of Larbert, admitted an amphetamine charge and got 18 months each.

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